Siddha Vidya Upadesam

“Siddha Vidya Upadesam”

-Discovered by Swami Sivananda Paramahamsa.

Siddha Vidya was discovered by Swami Sivananda Paramahamsa. Those who have understood Siddha Vidya can initiate to those who are in need. But neither gift nor any remuneration can be accepted in giving this Vidya. Those who are getting initiation should have only a desire. After getting initiation, it is the duty of him to practise and reap the fruits. Apart from this, those who have initiated have no other responsibility or duty towards those who got initiated. No one should by mistake think, that those who are initiating are great men created to establish equality and freedom and the customary Preceptor-Disciple relationship.

Rules and Regulation for getting Upadesam (Initiation)

The rules of conduct for Siddha Vidyarthis brought into practice from 1920 by His Holiness Swami Sivananda Paramahamsa – The founder of Siddha Samaj.

“Without allowing outside the Jeeva (life) which is getting out downwardly from oneself and is destroying, conduct it up and down inwardly, Unite with Iswara above us, attain jeeveswaroraikyam (union of Life and God), absorb oneself at Brahmarandhra and attain Moksha (salvation). This exercise by Jeeva in order to attain Salvation is Siddha Vidya.

Siddha Vidya Upadesam

Those who are initiated in Siddha Vidya are entitled to give initiation to anybody who desires to know it on taking the ‘Solemn Pledge’. But neither gift nor any other remuneration can be accepted in giving this Vidya. This Vidya is to safeguard Jeeva (life) and for safeguarding life, no such remuneration can be accepted. Those who receive are great Chandalas (the most depressed and cursed people among mankind). Nobody should receive Siddha Vidya in this manner by giving a gift or any other remuneration. They can, however, be given meals once or twice and clothes, if they are in need and that they can receive. Moreover, no unnecessary expenditure must be met by saying: “I gave you the initiation. I am the master, and all my requirements should be met by you.”, and so on. Those who are doing so, since they act against the mind, their Karana  Guru (causal teacher), are Guru Bhrushtas (one deserted by teacher).


The organization by name Siddha Vidya Sangham was dissolved by us on 14th March, 1936 and instead, ‘Siddha Vidya Abhyasalayam’ was established. Therefore no organization by name ‘Siddha Vidya Sangham’ can be brought into being.”   – Swamiji’s orders.


  1. If one has been using toddy, arrack, ganja, opium, cigar, beedi, cigarette, snuff, tobacco, areca nut and lime, dead bodies and eggs containing embryo wherefrom life originates, should be given as a gift to Swami Sivananda Paramahamsa. Once gifted should not be taken back.
  2. Siddha Vidya, discovered by Swami should be practised. Siddha Vidya means the study of conducting the Jeeva, the life-force, present in oneself, which is being wasted downwardly, within oneself internally up and down always and open the Brahmarandhra which is on the upper side and retaining the Jeeva therein.
  3. The Holy Philosophy of Siddha Samajam is “Siddha Vedam” written by Swami.
  4. Those who are initiated in Siddha Vidya can give initiation to anybody who requires it, provided he is able to do away with the bad habits mentioned in Rule No 2 and 3. For those who are unable to discard these bad habits, the initiation should not be given. “The Rules of Conduct of Sidda Vidyarthies” is mainly concerned with members of Siddha Vidya Abhyasalayam. If at all the member of Siddha Samaj or Siddha Vidya Abhyasalayam give initiation to somebody it must be given only to those who act in accordance with the “The Rules of Conduct of Sidda Vidyarthies”. (refer rule 14)

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