Means of Livelihood

Agriculture is the chief means for livelihood.  Others are trade and crafts.  Samajam is meant for one to live by his own work without depending on others.

There is no compulsion in taking work.  One can do any work, whatever they do, it must be done together and the fruits are enjoyed equally, commonly and collectively.  None is paid for his labour. Instead, their labour as well as their life is dedicated to promote the supreme cult of the Samajam.

The Samajists carry on agriculture by hard-working in the Samajam landed property but the produce is very low due to the poor quality of land and water scarcity.  Hence they are resorted to the production and sale of ayurvedic medicines.

It is from the income derived out of these the primary needs of Ashramites such as food, clothing etc., child care and education, treatment of sick, reception of guests, Annadan (serving food), management of Samajam, Karthika Festival etc. are met.  Thus the income of the Samajam is wholly used for public charitable purposes and no part of it is spent for any selfish activity.