Siddha Vidya Practice and Fruits

It is not our effort or strength which is responsible for bringing people living divided into different castes in Kerala and other countries, together as “Samajam”. Then this is through “Siddha Vidya” which is the base. This vidya is such a weapon which cannot be conquered by anyone. This great Vidya is the weapon, not only for Samajam, but also for the entire world community to win. This weapon, without being laid down even for a moment, and practised, enemies do not approach us in any form. If at all anyone approach us, his head will be severed. There is no doubt about it. If it is not practised, the most cruel enemies will capture and put into deep sufferings. Hence enemies will not approach directly in any form only when everybody practises with his weapon (Siddha Vidya).


KROH Upper Perak,

Swamiji’s Order :-


It is noted in your letter dt. 7.3.36, that you have prepared and given for printing, the whole works done for world peace, by Swamiji and the Samaj up to his departure to F.M.S., in order to be included in the third edition of the book “Living for world peace”., Further it is seen printed on the back cover of the book “what is caste?”, that the book “Living for world peace” is under printing with the life history of Sivananda Paramahamsa and his photograph. But it is utter nonsense. It is absurd to write about what we have done. For we haven’t done anything to tell the world, but to improve themselves. There is no need for making another person to be award of it. Nevertheless, we say nothing about what you write on our works. What we have to say is on the matter found printed, that our life history has been written and given for printing, as we have no separate entity. If you had understood our dogma properly, you would have never written like that. Life history is the history of Jeeva (life – force). Sivananda Paramahamsa has no separate Jeeva. Jeeva is unique. Siddha vedam is the history of that Jeeva. We are very sorry and much astonished to see that you haven’t understood this. Therefore, if that book has not been printed already , do not print it. If printed, delete that particular part, before publishing.

(Translation of the original in “Malayalam”)

Note : The above cited is the order sent by His Holiness Swami Sivananda Paramahamsa, the founder of Siddha Samaj from the Federation of Malaya State to the General President, Siddha Samaj. Since there are so many queries on the life history of Swamiji, the above order is published here.