Vision & Mission

Ideal of Siddha Samaj (Vision)

Therefore In what manner the world should be is – as equivalent to the life of the birds. What it is that- the birds can move anywhere freely according to their self-will without any obstruction or bondage. They are endangered only when they come down. In the same manner we should also move independently without bondage by self-will   peacefully, happily and beloved by everyone.

How it means – It is possible only if we move with our own aim similar to the above mentioned birds by upholding the activities of our own mind. Unlike, for not getting destroyed bringing those downwards and avoid not getting endangered, It is possible only by  always remaining with attention and upward motion (urdhvagathi)”.

 SWAMIJI’S ORDER – [M.E 23-5-1102]

Siddha Samaj (Mission)

If peace would have come to the mind of everybody there is no need of Samajam at all. As it was seen otherwise, we founded the Samaj. The reason being, in the world due to Raghadwesha (love & hatred etc.) various sorts of misconcepts and riot happened. Seeing people die due to Adhogathi (downward course of breath) and as a remedy to the same ,for world welfare, made Herculean effort, suffered a lot due to own effort found out the urdwagathi of jeeva (Jeevas Upward motion),revived from dyeing out ,discovered the way to attain liberation ,making the world to understand the same for world welfare, made aware the way to worldly people. Siddhasamaj is the basement built for making effort to attain liberation in the same manner .

 SWAMIJI’S ORDER- 4-5-1105