Swamiji’s Orders


“In the beginning there was no religion at all. The earliest status of the world was in the manner of one caste (creed) and one Iswara (God), with qualities like  truth, justice, respect, unity, sadhusamrakshana (protection of the pious), brotherhood and dharmaparipalana (moral principles). Later gradually modernisation  increased. Pride has increased to each province accordingly.

Due to that pride, there aroused   one by one  of antagonism (Spardha). Because of that antagonism (Spardha) caste originated. Caste ripened and caste struggle emerged. At last, in that caste there aroused one one chieftains. After those chieftains as per their determination, the castes were established into religions.

When the state called religion accrues, truth has gone. Truth and religion never exists together. The way in which the truth has gone is because of discrimination as my religion and your religion. Then I will do anything to my religion only. Then there is no truth, no justice, no respect, no unity, no brotherhood, no sadhusamrakshana, no dharmaparipalana. In this manner  the above said qualities destroyed in world and exist only in untruth and without justice and good manners.  So those who endeavours to keep the world in existence by destroying religion and establishing truth, justice, politeness, ahimsa (NON-VIOLENCE) etc are ‘Siddha Samajists’. Therefore to  establish  the above said good qualities in the world, we request whole heartedly (Sarvathmana Kenjunnu) to encourage among public people by making them to understand and implementing the same.

SWAMIJI’S ORDER- 29-7-1101

Swamiji order

Our Work

Likewise we who established the Siddha Samaj ,never put any effort for our sake . we will not do any harm to the world. Whatever we are doing is only for world peace and world benefit


Sanyasa and Mouna (Silence)

Nobody can observe silence or roam as sanyasa in the ashram without the permission from the samaj head office. Reason being sanyasa means the stage when one renounce all the entanglements, forgets everything and blends his mind with jeeva in to one there by awakening Kundalini-Power and becoming shiva himself.

Silence (Mounam) means the silence of the mind.That is, mind should not be allowed to enter in anything by enclosing it inside with one’s own Pranavayu from oneself fiery form of semen smoking out in the form of vapour made to circulate within and establishing within oneself is Mouna vrithi.

Except as said above, any method of sanyasa or silence is not allowed inside the samaj.


It is for world welfare and world safety that we founded the Samaj. That is to work without foreign dependence and to live freely and unitedly without becoming enslaved to others. Freedom does not mean to live according to one’s own whims and fancies. Discriminating the justice and injustice, discarding the justice, upholding the the justice alone, settling that justice in a manner that it cannot be succeeded by others, establishing the truth, who ever stands succeeded in it he is the free man.

This is what is called freedom. As it is so, it becomes impossible for any one either to violate or to win over our justice and truth. At
that time the world will realise that it alone is the justice, it alone is the truth, it is the one we must follow and establish in this world and it will cause the world to come ahead by that way.

Then the world will have welfare and safety. Instead of this, there is no use whether we do resist with the world or do command with the world or do preach with the world. If we want fruit, we must do work. It is only in work that there is fruit. Therefore, we should do all the work that will keep the world in existence.

SWAMIJI’S ORDER- 4-5-1105 (Rlue 60)

Our self and Samaj

In Siddhasamaj the existing rules at present nobody is authorised to change. we will change that at the time when required to be changed. Those who are willing to follow according to the rules prevailing now, only need to join Samaj. Nobody should do any thing for our interest. We are not having any interest. We are not having any responsibility regarding Samaj. Samaj is for protection of world. Not for protection of ourselves. We are putting effort for world peace and world protection. That which, if felt right each one to his own fully confirmed mind, leaving all bondages and selfishness and willing to follow according to the fifth clause of samaj rules alone will be admitted.

SWAMIJI’S ORDER- 15-10-1099 (Rule)

Our State

Nobody should behave with us either considering us as Guru, or not to speak anything with us, or considering us as in a high position. Behave With us only in equality, friendly manner and in a brotherly attitude. Any person can meet us at any time, at any place where we are and whatever be their purpose they can always speak to me.

SWAMIJI’S ORDER- 08-4-1101 (Rule-84)