Siddha Samajam

Aims and Function

The very cause that Siddha Samajam stands for is world welfare and world peace.  It will be achieved only in a free, independent society, free from fear and bribery.

Siddha Vidya

Now the world is devoid of peace. It is because: due to Raga-Dwesha (love and hatred) such as “I”, mine, my wife, my children, my relatives, my property, I must possess, my dependents must be provided and saved, he is foreigner, he must not be provided, he must be killed etc., people quarrel among themselves, get “Adhogathi” and die.

But take the case of birds! They have no such Raga-Dwesha. They live with equality and fraternity and lead a peaceful life. For them if mother, all are mothers, if father all are fathers, if children all are children.

Mankind has lost the peace and tranquillity and universal fellow-feeling that the birds enjoy. It is because: the birds have their “Prana” under their control while the so called man looses it due to downward flow (Adhogathi) of Jeeva. The remedy is to get upward flow (Urdhwagathi) of Jeeva which is known as Brahma Vidya, Pranayama etc, By Herculean effort His Holiness has Himself discovered this Sublime Vidya – the way of deliverance of Jeeva – the way to be immortal – the way to salvation and Supreme Bliss and preached it as Siddha Vidya. It is alone the remedy for the miseries of the world. It is alone the root cause to lead a life as that of birds.


It is what the Great Teachers of the world viz. the Buddha the Christ, the Mohammed, the Rishis of old etc, had advocated.  It is what the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Bible, the Quran, etc. teach.  Hence, out of dire sympathy upon the suffering mankind, His Holiness advocated this supreme cult throughout the world at large and founded Siddha Samaj – the foundation to practise this Vidya attain salvation (Moksha) and enjoy the Sublime Bliss that His Holiness enjoyed.

Samaj Dharma (Charity)

Thus the Samajam is in miniature a free, independent society, free from fear and bribery and shows the world practically the very way to Egalitarian Society.

Hence, the very existence of the Samajam itself is the very embodiment of Dharma (Charity) and it is to keep it in existence – to practise and propagate the ideals of the Samajam – that the income, derived out of the very toiling and moiling of its members, is utilised.

Protection of Life – deliverance of Jeeva – is truly the protection of the humanity, in other words protection of the universe and it is the supreme kind of charity that the Samajam performs practically. Whatever the Samajam does, it is all to save life in this universe and thereby to keep the universe in existence.


At present, due to the inhuman activities, the world is full of problems and there is no safety of life.  Siddha Samajam stands as the only practical solution to do away the inhuman activities and save the mankind from utter destruction.  It practically shows the world the right path to become Human.

Also, the Samajam stands as the very answer to all the problems of the world such as food, clothing, housing, education; property, labour, caste, creed etc.  Whatever may be the problems – worldly or spiritual – the Samajam stands as the very answer to all and only through the Samajam Way of Life the World will secure peace and prosperity and become welfare and safety.

That is the one and single treatment to all the conflicts and dangers of the world is to sacrifice the base, selfish thought of individual possession and accept the sublime, unselfish Samajam Way of Life.

Once this Vedantic Socialist Life is appreciated and realised. “Thy Kingdom” is achieved.  It is to make known this message practically to the world that the Samajam carries on practically and silently its noble pioneering service of world welfare and world peace by practising and propagating the ideals of the Samajam – the most supreme act of charity.  Thus the Samajam, all in all is a Spiritual and Charitable Establishment for World Welfare and World Peace.


It is due to lack of fellow-feeling or fellow-belief that people fall prey to fear and bribery, get immersed in unnatural bondages of family relations and suffer.

Hence the Samajam aims at fostering fellow-feeling and fellow-belief-universal brotherhood. There are no such relations such as husband, wife, son, daughter etc. in the Samajam. All are the children of one Mother; all brethren.


Assets of the Samajam are only its soil. It belongs to none in particular, but to all-the existing as well as the on-coming members of the Samajam who work and live there unitedly as uterine brethren without any disparity of caste and creed.

The existence of privacy is the root cause of all miseries. Hence the property is made common. None can either misappropriate or mortgage or sell the property of the Samajam.

There is nothing of the sort of any economic activity in the Samajam. It has to do no material service. Everything is to make the Samajam self-sufficient, just an example to be followed by the world.

Discipline and Routine

A bride-free life is possible only through high morale and discipline. Hence strict discipline is observed in the Samajam. Every day 8 hours are devoted for prayer- am to 5.20 am; 12 noon to 2.20 pm; 6.00 pm to 7.00 pm and 7.30 pm to 9.50 pm. The rest is used for earning the livelihood. Diet is strictly vegetarian. Drinking liquors, taking intoxicants such as opium, ganja etc. smoking cigar, beedi and cigarette, using snuff, chewing tobacco, areca nut and lime and the use of tea, tamarind and mustard are totally avoided. No caste or professional titles should be used. Superstitions, funeral rites etc., are dispelled. Except simple pure white clothes, no other dresses such as shirts, trousers etc. and no colour dresses are used. No hair-cutting or shaving. Religion is Religion of God and caste is Human. In short the Samajam has to lead a life in accordance with nature.

Padasala (School)

The Samajam runs one Patasala at the Head Office as a residential school for the children of the Samajam. After completing education there, they are sent back to the Ashrams.

World sanctuary

Siddha Samajam is the World Sanctuary – the place where the suffering masses of the world will find protection to their very life and enjoy the life in this world as that of birds without any entanglement.

By birth, birds have always the upward course of breath (Urdhwagathi) – the one we have only during sleep. One can attain that only by practising Yoga (Siddha Vidya). We should keep the mind ever upward. Just like water on lotus leaf whatever we do should be done unaffectionately along with the single course of breath (Gathi) – the upward course of Life.

It is due to the disappearance of this ever living way to Truth mankind has lost itself in the downward worldly life, has forgotten the real and natural principles of trusteeship (Common Ownership) and has taken to the mean, destructive, selfish individual ownership which is the root cause of all dangers, conflicts, unrests etc., the world faces today.

Thus forgetting one’s own life and following the artificial inhuman activities, the atmosphere is being polluted and the world is at the fringe of utter destruction. Only by practising Siddha Vidya, the world will be taken to natural way of life and got rescued.

It is thus to save the mankind from utter destruction that His Holiness Swami Sivananda Paramahamsa has incarnated, propagated Siddha Vidya and founded Siddha Samaj – the very World Sanctuary providing the mankind with all means for survival.

Food For Thought

Whoever visit the Samajam are fed with the ideals of the Samaj. The publications of the Samajam are the best means of propagation. They are published as low-priced edition in all the four Dravidian languages and in Hindi and English. Initiation in Siddha Vidya is given for the thirsty heart provided one follows the “Rules of Conduct for Siddha Vidyarthies”. Before getting initiation one is expected to go through “SIDDHAVEDAM” thoroughly.

Sagdi Sapeethi

Other than children, sick and persons gone outside, none should take food separately. All should observe Sagthi Sapeethi – the one entitled to a Brahmin alone. All sit and take in collectively solid foods mixed together and served in a single plate or leaf is Sagthi and that of liquid foods in this manner is Sapeethi. Thus Samajists enjoy food commonly and evenly.

Food for Stomach

One of the highest form of charity that the Samajam perform is serving food. The Ashramites take in food only after supplying food to all outsiders including the poor and needy, present during the meals time. If one comes hungry and there is no food prepared, the Samajists are bound to prepare food at once and supply the hungry.


Only Siddhavidyarthies are allowed to stay here. Other than the Siddhavidhyarthies (visitor) can visit the Asram during day time. They are not allowed to stay here.

Visiting hours:

9.00 a.m. to  11.00 am
3.00 p.m. to  05.00 p.m



On this age of turmoil, the Samajam entreats every citizen of the world to accept the Samajam Way of Life, foster Universal Brotherhood, save life in this world, secure World Welfare and World peace and thereby enjoy Sublime Bliss!!

Let us try to make our lives holy and pure. Let us not forget of the material side of the world while we tread our path along the spiritual. Let us make our Asramams homes of charity not for the wandering idlers but for the poor downtrodden. Let us work and work and try to give work to those who need. Let us feed others as we would feed ourselves. Let us heal the sick and the wounded. Let us above all, be optimistic and cheerful always and let us never burden our minds with unnecessary thoughts.

This is what our Great Guru (Holy Father) teaches us and it is our duty to follow.

OM  Shanthi !     Shanthi !!      Shanthi !!!