Introduction to Siddhavedam

This book contains the exposition of a  natural and noble path to attain self-realization. It neither deals with any abstract ideas or ideals nor are the explanations shrouded in any mysterious  intellectual manipulation. It only deals with a technique, a method and therefore it is positive and practical. And this method is explained in simple and unambiguous language with ample similes as illustrations to drive home the meaning to any common man.

 The practicability of this method, the possibility of the successful conduct of this technique, raises this work to a high pedestal among thousands of spiritual and intellectual dissertations, which discuss the Divine and the method of communion with it.

The simplicity and the practicability of this method can be well discerned from the very core of the method itself. In multitudinous activities of our struggle for existence, in competing with our neighbours to outshine them in all possible ways, in the keen desire to command the greatest amount of wealth and prestige, we in our everyday life consume our “life force” considerably and in due course, when all the ‘Life-Force’ is expended in this manner, we meet with the final catastrophe, the death.


If on the contrary, we preserve this “Life-Force” within ourselves without allowing it to perish in the manner described above and then direct it up and down in ourselves and finally unite it at the Bhrumadhyam, the centre, of the eye – brows, which is the seat of Iswara, the Divine in us, self-realization becomes possible and then we become free from all the horrors of the death pangs. The main theme of this work is the exposition of this technique, the novel method of self – realizations.

Many a history of life (Jeeva Charithram) are there in this world. But they are not history of life, they are histories of living. History of life is only one and it is SIDDHA VEDAM – the great Life History of Self-realization realised by His Holiness Swami Sivananda Paramahasa, the Founder of Siddha Samaj

SIDDHA VEDAM explains in detail, in simple manner, in the order of Teacher – Student dialogue the principles to achieve in one self the life being got destroyed from oneself.

Salvation (Moksha) is liberation from bondage. SIDDHA VEDAM explicit the very formula (Soothram) to attain salvation. Hence it is MOKSHA SOOTHRAM.

All learning’s whatever it may be, are worthless, if one doesn’t realise oneself. In order to learn oneself one must learn by seeing himself. The art of learning by seeing oneself is SIDDHA VIDYA (Brahma vidya). SIDDHA VEDAM presents detailed the spiritual way to learn  oneself.

 Conservation of Life becomes the root cause of Self-realization, gets rid of bondages and sufferings and presents Sublime Bliss and Immortality. Destruction of life becomes the root cause of Maya (Self-Ignorance) puts to bondages and sufferings and ends in Mortality. The very explanation of such Divine Knowledge is SIDDHA VEDAM.

SIDDHA VEDAM is indeed the light house showing the right way to get out of the ocean of Maya.

Although it is presumed that there are many religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Mohammedanism etc, really there is no religion other than the Religion of God. Religion means that which binds one back to the origin of fountainhead. [Re=back, to Ligare=to bind]. The origin or fountainhead of life-force is Bhrumadhyam (middle of eye-brows). Establishing Life-force (Jeeva) with God at Bhrumadhyam is said to be Religion of God. Hinduism is Hindu Matham. Hindu is Indu which means moon, the mind; Matham = Establishing. Establishing Mind with God is Hinduism, which in other words is Religion of God.

The Great Teachers The Buddha, The Christ, The Muhammed Nabi etc; all preached and established only the Religion of God-the Conservation of life- Yogabhyasam the very right path to save the humanity. Those who didn’t understand the Truth, had established religions in the names of  Great Teachers.

Yoga means union. But for Ahankara(ego), Jeeva(Mind, the Paramathma) and Easwara (God, the Jeevathma) both are one and the same, not two. End of ego is Yoga the union of life and God. Karma is Life. Karmayoga is the union of Karma, the life with God within us. All Yogas are one and the same. But Acharyas (Teachers)gave the one Yoga various names due to various reasons. Hence, Karmayoga, Rajayoga, Hatayoga etc, are same. It is the Aksharabhyasam and Vidyabhyasam (Education).

Brahmin, Kshathriya, Vysya, Soothra are not four castes, but four varnas (Characters) such as Mind, Chitha (Light) Buddhi (Intelligence) and ego.

Infact caste and cread (religion) have no existence. Those who do not realise the Truth, who do not experience of self, who misunderstood the Sasthra, have propagated false principles in the name of caste and cread. Due to this people get quarrelled among themselves, became deteriorated and perished. It is to make the world realise such truths and show the very path to attain World Welfare and World Peace by following the right way, that Athmapitha, His Holiness Swami Sivananda Paramahamsa, the Founder of Siddha Samaj incarnated. In order to know in detail all the divine knowledge told by Athmapitha and to understand spiritual realities.