World Sanctuary

Siddha samajam is the world sanctuary-the place where the suffering masses of the world will fine protection to their very life and enjoy the life in this world as that of birds without any entanglement. By birth, birds have always the upward course of breath (urdhwagathi) – the one we have only during sleep. One can attain that only by practicing yoga (siddha vidya). We should keep the mind ever upward. Just like water on lotus leaf what ever we do should be done unaffectionately along with the single course of breath (gathi)-the upward course of life. It is due to the disappearance of this ever living, way to truth, mankind has lost itself in the downward wordly life, has forgotten the real and natural principles of trusteeship (common ownership) and has taken to the mean, destructive, selfish individual ownership which is the root cause of all dangers, conflicts, unrests etc., the world faces today. Thus forgetting one’s own life and following the artificial inhuman activities, the atmosphere is being polluted and the world is at the fringe of utter destruction. Only by practicing siddha vidya, the world will be taken to natural way of life and got rescued. It is thus to save the mankind from utter destruction that his holiness swamai sivananda Paramahamsa has incarnated, propagated siddha vidya and founded siddha samajam the very world sanctuary providing the mankind with all means for survival.