Philosophy of Iswara

What is philosophy of Iswara? There is hardly anyone in this world who do not speak or question about Iswara Philosophy. Nobody knows, who Iswara is, and how does he look like. While this is so in the name of Iswara pooja (worship), many are engaged in poojas, oblations and rituals in many methods. But without knowing Iswara how can we perform pooja? Is there any fruit for such poojas performed?

There won’t be any benefit if we worship without knowing Iswara or Philosophy of Iswara. For example: If we have to take a favour from a person, we have to know him and submit ourselves. Without knowing him, if we submit, at times it may give room for danger.

Iswara and Moksha (Salvation):

Why do we worship Iswara? Only for liberation of karma(in Karma Vimochana, Karma is not the profession or what we do, but the vital force, Vayu or Soul, that is in worldly bondage. That is why we have to pray Iswara. That is what is said as praying for Karma Vimochana. Vimochana means Moksha or liberation from the bondage. Now all of us are under bondage. What is that bondage? Does a dead body has bondage? No. why? Because there is no life. So, bondage exists only when there is life.That bondage is nothing but the “world” we see. This life is understood through its state of independent, void of Ahamkara(egotism, ignorance of one’s self, one of the four faces of Brahma, Brahma the Tamoguna) and Moha (fascination, one of the Ashata ragas). Life beyond perception is known as aganyagunaganan that is aganyan + gunam + ganan. ‘Aganyan’ means beyond thoughts. ‘Gunan’ means life. ‘Ganan’ means group or gathering. That is Iswara is beyond human perception and thought. Is there bondage always when life exists? No. During sleep there is no bondage, there is no world at that time. At that time whether the Gati is inside or outside means only inside. When the Gati (the movements of vital air) of life is confined internally there is no bondage, there is no world. When we wake up it spreads outside and binds the world through different thoughts of this and that. Whenever the life-force confines internally we attain Moksha. Spreading of life-force externally becomes bondage and confines internally is Moksha. Ordinarily we claim that we are doing Iswara Seva for Moksha. But that is not true. We can do Iswara Seva only when we obtain Moksha. This soul should get liberation from what? From bondage. Only when the soul is liberated like this from bondage, Iswara Seva can be performed. As we are in bondage, we are not in a position to know our Father and Mother inside us. [Father and Mother inside are Maya (illusion, the energy), and Jeeva, the Sivam](Refer Chapter 6 of Siddha Vedham). The reason is they are inside and we are outside. Unless we get rid off our external bondage, we cannot understand our Father and Mother inside. So we can understand them only when we get rid off the external bondage.

Iswara and Sakthi:

Is Iswara omnipresent? No. If Iswara exists externally, when we call him his sound should be heard. As it is not heard, we find that he is not omnipresent. Iswara has a place for him. If he is omnipresent there is no question of anyone dying. For example: in a house, there are lot of things inside and outside. There is no estruction for things inside till the things outside are destroyed. Things inside can be changed only when things outside are changed. Similarly, if Iswara exists both inside and outside, only when Iswara outside is destroyed, destruction to Iswara inside can take place. That means it is clear that our concept, that Iswara is omnipresent is wrong.

Religion of Iswara:

Iswara has different names like Kudan, Kudasthan, Kadavul (God). For an omnipresent how will they suit? Kadam + Ul = Kadavul, Kadam = head. It is the soul which rests inside the head. Without soul there is no world and Iswara. Only when soul is there Iswara exists. “Devoh Jeeva Sadasiva” that soul is the Iswara shape. The origin of soul is from Iswara. The soul originated from Iswara is spread underneath. The world is underneath. The world emerged because it is spread underneath. Bound by different thoughts like this and that, the soul is spread underneath as wonderful maya. If the bondage of different thoughts are got rid off, it can go up and meet Iswara. That day only they become religionists of Iswara. Establishing Iswara which is in him, in his own Self is known as religion of Iswara.