Matam (Religion)

  1. There is no other religion in the world save the single one, the Iswara Matham (Religion of God)
  2. In the Indu Matam, Indu means Chandra. Matam means establishing. What ought to be established is the Chandra. Chandra means mind. Hence Indu Matam is establishing the Chandra, the mind, in Jeeva, the Iswara.
  3. At a time when people were ignorant of such kind of religion, one Great Man called Buddha came, discovered the principles of Iswara Matam, and established the right path to contemplate and worship God. He became the priest for that. Since the Buddha, the Great, the priest, established, as per his name, it was named after as Buddhism. What he established is not Buddhism, but Iswara Matam itself.
  4. Likewise also at one time came one Great Man named Christ and established just and single path to worship God. That was Iswara Matam.
  5. At one time came one great man by name Muhammed. He also established the just and single path to worship God. That was also Iswara Matam only.
  6. Without knowing what is the Iswara Matam, people built various buildings, called them as Temples, Church, Mosque etc., fixed images in some among them, considered them as God, saying as Narabali, as  Aswabali, as Ajabali, as Kukkutabali etc., killed in such places various lives considered as man, as horse, as sheep, as cock etc., as the senseless one, as the hard minded one without compassion to lives and at times, when people were doing such very hard cruel activities, the above said Great men came, and as they possessed intellectual power, they contemplated and comprehended the truth of this and by worrying and suffering much in this world, they have established that the above said slaughters are wrong and that the right path is as such; i.e., they have established that the world is that which originated from our Sakthi; that Sakthi must be concentrated within the self itself; it must be done in order to merge within ourselves our Sakthi, the Self; that alone is correct and others are wrong. So whichever Great Men came in this world, they all said the aforesaid only one path itself i.e. Iswara Matam.