Concept of Guru


There are very few in this world who have not come across the word “Guru” (Preceptor). But people who have known who is Guru are very little. Without knowing the concept of Guru, how can, one worship Guru? Who is a Guru? One who preaches. Why preaching? For Iswaraseva, that is for the solace from the distress of death. For example, we have to cultivate a field. Seeds are required for that. Seeds have been got and sown. After that if you find out the person who gave the seed and serve, will there be any result? No. So if I want fruits as profit we must only serve the seeds except the seeds no fruit will materialize. Now we are doing ordinarily seedless cultivation that is why we are destroying ourselves. Now we do not take care of the seeds and get destroyed. That seed is jeeva. So we have to take care of the jeeva, the seed now our jeeva goes out in the shape of liquid through nine holes and destroy. One who teaches us the ways and means to save the jeeva which is destroyed through nine holes, is a Guru. But how will you get the result? If you serve the preceptor will you get the result. No. We have to act accordingly to his preaching. Result lies in performance. We get result only by doing. That doing originates from the mind. Without mind, there is no work, Brahma or world. That is, why it is said that the mind is the cause for Bandha– Moksha and there is no such this as Guru -Sishya. One’s mind is one’s own Guru.

Karana Guru and Karya Guru: (Causal Preceptor And Effective Guru)

Who has to do the work? It is the mind. It is the mind which preached to take upadesa(initiation) and get Iswara union. After upadesa it is the mind bound, to put into gain experience. Hence that mind is Guru (Preceptor) but as the mind is the cause for that, it is causal preceptor; the one who preached is Karya (effect) Guru. Whatever we see, hear and understand is effective and that which is the base for seeing, hearing and understanding is causal. What we see is ‘world’; then it is effective preceptor, the cause for which is the mind and is causal preceptor.