Benevolence To Living Beings.


People today talk about Benevolence to living beings-jeeva karunya but actually they do not know what exactly jeeva karunya is. There is a saying     “Ahimsa Paramo Dhamah”. But no one either thinks about it or practices it. What is jeeva karunya? It is the sympathy over jeeva. But today whether anyone has jeeva karunya? We can definitely say ‘none’. The jeeva is not even worth for a small coin. The necessity of money is for happy living. But without jeeva the life can’t be enjoyed. But that jeeva is always being wasted getting out. If we have a coin, we keep it under safe custody under lock and key. But, the jeeva, which is instrumental for earning that money, is being wasted outside. Whether we love that Jeeva, or not? Definitely not. Moreover we are having that blemishless jeeva. subside the Jeeva in your own self, which is being destroyed, become a Sanmargi and a Vishesha Jnani. Jeeva Karunya is, making mani out of the suklam our brahma wealth, the Agniswaroopa by blowing with the vayu, the Jeeva, removing the Jalamsam and gaining holy treasures and bliss.